Become a Paid Catholic Singer

. . . even if you don't have a band, aren't sure where to perform, and feel absolutely unqualified.




3 Step-By-Step Modules (Vocal Basics, Booking Gigs, Your Music Business)


ATTEND THE WEEKLY LIVE GROUP Q&As and ask me questions!


Through this 1:1 vocal coaching and 3-module online course, you will go from feeling clueless and overwhelmed by everything Catholic music gigs to feeling gig-savvy and confident in your ability to consistently book (and CRUSH) the paid singing gigs of your dreams!

Completing this course will help you:

  • Discern if and where God is calling you to sing
  • Master the basics of vocal health and technique
  • Craft an engaging and well-paced set list
  • Understand best practices for social media
  • Find community with other Catholic singers

Who is this masterclass for?

I help Catholic singers from 13-18 stop wondering and start sharing their gift of music. You don’t need a band, any knowledge of live music technology, or full confidence in your abilities–I’ll teach you everything you need to get paid to sing.

All you need to succeed in this course is a passion and talent for singing and drive to put yourself out there!

Learning Path

Learn the most important aspects of singing technique–including breathing, body posture, vocal anatomy, genre styles, and more!

Understand exactly how to achieve the style you love.

Where will you sing and how do you get paid? I’ll teach you how to find gigs, share the best ways to make connections in your area, and how to make sure everyone in your parish knows what you can do!

How can visuals and your online presence  help people understand what you’re all about? How do you get paid (and will you need to worry about taxes?)

Time to build that social proof (this makes clients come to you!) and learn more about the business side of singing.

What investment am I looking at?

The good news, you’re investing in your passion and God-given gifts. The GREAT news: you will pay back the cost of this masterclass by booking only TWO OR THREE gigs!

Sing With Grace Course: Become a Paid Catholic Singer

$ 499
  • Begin With a 1 Hour 1:1 Voice Lesson and Goal Planning Session
  • 3 Step-By-Step Modules (Vocal Basics, Booking Gigs, Your Music Business)
  • Become a Paid Catholic Singer Workbook
  • Includes Three 45-minute Voice Lessons (And Priority Voice Lesson Scheduling)
  • Voxer support with Grace
  • 12 Months Access to Weekly Group Coaching (Song and Vocal Q&A)

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