The vocal coach for

gifted Catholic Women

I coach Catholic women to sing confidently and pay the bills with their music career

The live music scene is back in full force countrywide–why not snag a slice of that profit pie for yourself?

Unlike what your grandparents insist, you CAN make a living as a singer. And in my 10-week course, Singing from Your Soul, I walk you step-by-step through your journey from star of the church choir to paid gigs across the country.

Let’s get to know one another…

Hi, I’m Grace!

I’m a mom of one and a military wife. In high school, I gave up my dream of performing on Broadway and instead pursued an engineering degree at a college that didn’t even have a music degree option. Instead of focusing on my studies, I performed as the first female jazz singer in the university bands.

Trust me: I understand how frustrating and scary it is to pursue music. And to audition for shows. And to take the leap to pay your bills by putting yourself and your performances out there.

I’m here to help you step out of that fear and to become the singer and profitable performer you dream of being!

Work with me

Make money singing without losing your soul

1:1 Vocal Coaching

Schedule a one-off coaching session to see if we’re a good fit. Or if you’ve got an audition or performance coming up and need help singing musically & connecting emotionally and physically with your song!

Singing From Your Soul: 10 Week Program

For Catholic ladies serious about making money as a singer.

  • Extensive 1:1 vocal coaching sessions
  • Step-by-step branding and marketing plans
  • Get booked for your first, second, and third paid gigs! 

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