Book Paid Singing Gigs in 60 Days



In this 5-week online masterclass, you will go from feeling clueless and overwhelmed by everything live music gigs to feeling gig-savvy and confident in your ability to consistently book (and CRUSH) the paid singing gigs of your dreams!

Module 1 – Discern Your Call
Module 2 – Cultivate Your Voice and Performance
Module 3 – Build Your Brand
Module 4 – Ready To Rock Your Gigs (and Get Heard)
Module 5 – Book Paid Gigs
Module 6 – Stabilize Your Career

I’m tremendously confident that this masterclass will result in you booking paid gigs. But if somehow you try and don’t I am happy to give you a full refund!

Ready to use your God-given gift to make money singing? Let’s do this!

Grace is a musical theatre enthusiast, aspiring classical singer, lover of jazz, & wife of a country singer-songwriter. She started this Sing With Grace performing arts blog to share musical stories from her life and celebrate the experiences and wisdom of the fantastic performers she's met along the way! FOLLOW her on Insta for more musical theatre, singing, and performing shenanigans!


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