Grace Elaine Brown

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Truth bomb:

You should never stop performing (if that's what brings joy to you).

Too often do people from all walks of life stop performing when they’re told they need to “get realistic” or “find a real job.”

It’s true that we must earn money to survive, but we shouldn’t let the pursuit of money destroy the pursuit of our passions!

Since I participated in a triple threat workshop at Casa Mañana in sixth grade, I knew that performing is what brings me the most joy in life. At that time, I was certain that to continue performing meant I must attend a prestigious university for a BFA in musical theatre then promptly move to New York City to try for Broadway.

Young Grace’s plans did not work out exactly like that (as plans seldom do). Fortunately for current Grace, I received an English degree with a Performance Studies minor at Texas A&M University. 

I’ve had performance opportunities sixth grade me never could have imagined! Now, I’m singing USO-style classic with a trio of military wives, The Blue Anchor Belles. I’m also gearing up to perform professionally in jazz lounges and cabarets!

Most recently, I’ve starting teaching voice lessons. I get to serve folks through the joy jazz performances bring as well as my students! 

I absolutely love analyzing vocal, theatrical, and live performances and encouraging performers to achieve their personal performance goals!

TLDR on the Sing With Grace mission: I decided to offer voice lessons and create this blog for anybody searching for guidance in their first (or hundredth) audition, to share performance/audition inspiration videos, and for fellow performing & performance lovers like me to have somewhere to muse about musicals, theatre, orchestra performance studies, and any other art-sy thing we want.

My hope is that however you stumbled upon this blog it encourages you to find your own way to: