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My name is Grace Elaine Brown.

I’m a musical theatre enthusiast, a jazz singer, a Catholic, & the wife of a country singer-songwriter. I’m smiling in that picture over there because I am so excited to share my journeys in the crazy music biz with you. My goals for Sing With Grace are:

  • To document what’s happening in my musical world.
  • To help burgeoning singers find their voice.
  • To share stories and wisdom from the fantastic performers I’ve met!

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Where I've Been!

In 6th grade, I took a triple threat masterclass at Casa Manana in Fort Worth, and I was hooked on performing. While in public school, I took 7 years of musical theatre and classical voice lessons & performed in 9 musicals over 4 years!

I learned how to read sheet music and became a musician by playing the alto saxophone for 7 years. This training helped me tremendously in my vocal lessons and musical directing!

I have music directed many musicals (my favorite part is getting those harmonies tight). I also arranged and performed a senior showcase cabaret at Texas A&M Unviersity.

At A&M, I was the principal singer for the Texas A&M Jazz band performing many charts from Ella to Hammerstein. I was also the female singer for the Aggieland Orchestra big band (where I met my husband!)

I sing jazz, showtunes, country, classical hymns, & opera.

Check out my YouTube!

I've helped many performers Hone their singing and performance Skills.

Just ask my country-singin’ husband!

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