Broadway-Inspired Halloween Costume Looks (I’m Getting A Head Start!)

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*Updated October 5th*

I know. I know. It’s September 1st and I’m already making a HALLOWEEN post?? If my timing seems premature to you, well, I couldn’t agree more! My excuses are: I’m so happy Autumn is on the way aaaaand I really like Halloween. PLUS, I’m going to keep adding Halloween costume looks to this post for the next 2 months…figured I’d start early!

So why am I calling these ‘looks’ instead of ‘costumes?’ Mainly, because they are not put together outfits. They’re just pieces that I think invoke that musical theatre aesthetic and the mood of the character (as well as being inspired by the original costume, of course!)

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Musical Theatre Halloween Costume Looks!

Are you planning on dressing as your favorite musical theatre character this Halloween? Me too (as usual!)

This post is pretty self-explanatory: I decided to create and share some looks based off of my favorite & the most popular musical theatre characters. This post is definitely a work in progress, but I’m going to go ahead and post it with these first six looks…the queens from Six the musical!

I finally broke down and listened to Six the other day. And I was mostly pleasantly surprised! (I really have to stop judging musicals before I watch them. I did the same thing with Hamilton and ended up loooooving it!) Six has incredibly catchy, fun-to-sing music and interesting characters. I absolutely love “Sorry, Not Sorry” and “No Way.” The rest of the songs are catchy as well, but a little too heavy-handed with the ‘we-are-fierce-women-who-don’t-need-no-man’ thing.

Obviously King Henry VIII was a crappy guy (and a heretic), but I’m just not about that ‘boss-babe’ life.

The set, costumes, and choreography was bomb, though!!

Anyway, here’s some musical theatre costume look ideas!

Queen Anne Bolyn Costume (Look!)

Six the Musical Halloween Costume Ideas

Queen Catherine Parr Costume

Queen Jane Seymour Costume

Queen Anne of Cleves Costume

Queen Katherine Howard Costume

Queen Catherine of Aragon Costume

Now that we’ve gotten those six queens’ costumes taken care of, let’s look at some…

Heathers the Musical Costumes!

Jason Dean

Veronica Sawyer

Heather Chandler

Heather McNamara

Heather Duke

Heather Chandler (Post-Mortem)

Where can you find these clothing items? Ask your aunt or your mom. Check your local antique store for some 80s blazers. Scrunchies are pretty common at Ross or H&M!

Or if you only want to ‘hint’ at a Heathers Halloween costume, I’d suggest teasing your hair, scrunchying it up, and wearing some fun socks!

Phantom of the Opera Halloween Costumes!

Next, let’s move on to a couple of Phantom of the Opera inspired Halloween costumes! To be honest, Christine and The Phantom are pretty easy. For Christine, you could just wear a white lace dress, curly hair, and carry around a rose. If you want to go waaaay fancier, you could search for a bustled wedding dress and cape (like she wears in “All I Ask of You” and “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again.”)

For The Phantom Halloween Costume, I’m thinking Dracula-style black cape (or velvet cape with silken lining for a fancier vibe). The mask is where things get a bit more difficult. Obviously you can just wear a simple white mask. If you want to create your own, there are actually quite a few video tutorials on how to create a plaster Phantom of the Opera mask! (Which is totally on my to-do list…)

Carlotta is just an intensely opulent soprano. Big gown, lots of pearls, and crazy stage makeup will do. Perhaps carry around a mirror for vanity or make your own severed head.

Without further ado, here are the Phantom of the Opera Halloween Costume Looks:

Christine Daae



Next, here are a couple of Broadway couple costume ideas! First up, here are costumes for the star-crossed lovers: Wendla and Melchior from Spring Awakening.

Wendla Bergmann

Melchior Gabor

Dogfight the musical is one of my absolute favorites. The music, the story–it’s incredible. Since my husband, Caleb, is a Marine, I think we might have to go in Rose & Eddie costumes this Halloween!


Eddie Birdlace

The next couple is NOT a romantic one (I’ll write a post on that sometime soon). Their costumes are still pretty great, though! You could even just wear a sparkly black vest and say you’re post-mortem Judas!

Jesus Christ, Superstar

Mary Magdalene

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