Free Vocal Audition / Performance Evaluation


Free Audition / Performance Evaluation from Grace!

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When prepping for an audition or performance, it’s always a good idea to get some outside feedback. You can ask your friends, your mom, a teacher, or me!

If you don’t already know, here’s a bit about me and the Sing With Grace blog’s mission!

The TLDR is I’m a classically trained, multi-genre vocalist who wants to help you polish your audition for free. I’ll give you non-sugar-coated, professional advice on your musicality, pitch, physicality, character concentration, and the overall impact of your audition!

Is this for you? I’m offering these free vocal performance evaluations to:

  • Musical Theatre Auditioners
  • Jazz Vocalists
  • Classical Vocalists
  • Country / Folk Singers

as those are my preferred genres!

So how do you get evaluated? 

  1. Simply “buy” this listing (it’s 100% free, no tax, no nothing. You’re simply giving me permission to email you. I promise I will never spam you or bother you. That’s the worst and I’m a real person who also hates that.)
  2. I’ll email you instructions for what to include in the video I’ll evaluate, preferences on video & microphone quality, and some more preliminary information!
  3. You’ll record your audition or performance (no-stress) and send it to me.
  4. I’ll evaluate your performance using the aforementioned criterion and email you my feedback!

I can’t wait to give you some feedback on your audition (or performance)

P.S. I won’t share your video or information or anything unless you give me permission to do so.

Grace is a musical theatre enthusiast, aspiring classical singer, lover of jazz, & wife of a country singer-songwriter. She started this Sing With Grace performing arts blog to share musical stories from her life and celebrate the experiences and wisdom of the fantastic performers she's met along the way! FOLLOW her on Insta for more musical theatre, singing, and performing shenanigans!


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