I teach singers how to perform confidently. sing heathfully. ace their auditions. make money with music.

Sound like someone you know?

Voice lessons build vocal AND social confidence!


You CAN perform that lead role.

Hi, I’m Grace. I’ve been singing for fun since I was a little kid in Christmas pageants and I’ve been paid to sing for the past 5 years in jazz bands, as a musical theatre director, and for private voice lessons.

It’s lovely to *virtually* meet you. I’m a mother of two living in Fort Worth, Texas. My mission is to teach singers to ace their auditions, increase their confidence, and perform beautiful music!


And get a head start on the musical theatre success of your dreams!

That could be you: getting paid to sing!

Do you constantly wonder how to sing at Catholic weddings or local venues?

I help female musicians (from teens unsure about college to moms wanting to pursue their passions) stop wondering and start sharing their gift of music.

I LOVE coaching women to amplify their vocal technique. I’ll also teach you how to confidently perform on any stage AND to start a prosperous singing business (without losing your soul to the toxic music scene!)

From breathing to belting, I teach singers how to sing without losing their soul.​


In 1:1 vocal coaching sessions, we establish a foundation of healthful singing techniques and warmups best suited to your voice.


We'll discuss your genre, singing opportunities, and how and where to perform.



I teach you what to expect when auditioning and performing in theatres. I also love to help live gigging musicians get started!

4. Support

I'm available to answer all your music business and vocal performance questions for as long as you're my student.


If your question isn't answered down here, please reach out!

I love to teach ladies (from middle schoolers auditioning for their first musical to moms who want to sing a bit better in the choir!) I’m happy to teach long-term or offer a couple of lessons to whip your voice and self-confidence into shape.

I’ve coached musical theatre performers, country singers, jazz vocalists, choirs, theatre ensembles and soloists–I am confident I can help you as well! I believe that singing is directly tied to our souls and that God asks us to share our voices with the world.

Depending on your preferred genre, there are plenty of venues to hire you! Jazz singers set up at Italian restaurants, wineries, or jazz festivals. Country musicians do well at BBQ joints, biergartens, and farmer’s markets. Once we work together to cultivate a set that highlights your vocal talents, I can walk you through the business aspects of being a singer–marketing, growing your audience, and setting your pay to name a few.

I earned my voice teaching certification from New York Vocal Coaching (studied under Broadway voice coach, Justin Stoney). I earned my minor in performance studies from Texas A&M. I have performed live gigs at venues across the country (wherever we were stationed in the military: Texas, Virginia, Florida, South Carolina). 

I’ve performed in dozens of musicals (my favorite credits include Heather Chandler in Heathers and Gertrude McFuzz in Seussical). I’ve had 8.5 years of classical vocal training and music directed four musicals. 

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